Almost there…

The judges are powering through the last few daily entries. Still up is the second big winner category: Daily designer of the year. The judges frequently disagree: One will say “… and that’s what I love about this page,” to hear “Well that’s what I hated about it.” But disagreement spawns discussion. We’ll post audio of some of their semi-arguments later today.

Here’s a wrap up of some other daily comments:
• The “one hand rule” is a good rule of thumb (ha, ha) with white space. Don’t go overboard and do more than that.
• Bright yellow means “you need sunglasses to read the paper,” Reagan said. Back off and tone it down a bit.
• Again, proof read (especially for legibility) and clean up designs. Technical flaws hurt several pages — despite good concepts.
• Even nice features pages can be hurt by the other stories and elements on them. Gayle covers up extra stories on a page, “it’s not their fault.” Greg disagreed: “It’s always their fault, they’re designers.”
• The judges had a big discussion about how to succeed at broadsheet design — much more on that later. Basically, illustration skills will get you far with these judges — and that doesn’t mean you have to know how to draw. For commentary pages, Greg said “these are good examples that if you can’t illustrate, don’t.”


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