And Greg Branson.

Greg Branson, is the art and design director at the Kansas City star.

COLLEGE: Kansas State University

COLLEGE DESIGN: Greg was a runner up for the designer of the year when he worked at the K-State student newspaper.

ADVICE FOR DESIGNERS IN COLLEGE: “Internet Internet Internet Internet Internet Internet Internet Internet Internet. You’ve gotta have your basic design stuff, but truthfully, especially somebody coming out of college, to be employed you’ve gotta have Web design skills. You’ve gotta code.”
Later… “And make sure you’ve got a good minor.” His was history which he said is “completely worthless, I should have went into industrial design or engineering. And unless you’re going to be an educator, don’t get a master’s in journalism.”

WHAT HE LOVES ABOUT HIS JOB: “Getting to do so many different things, whereas when I was a designer or artist I’d be stuck in one place for a day at a time. Now I dabble in sports, biz, illustration, Internet, A1. I really like working with the people I work with, it’s a really fun staff It’s just a joy, and I’ve been in places where it’s not a joy. Trust me.”
“I really do love what I do, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. the idea that I get to art direct for a living just blows me away because when I went to school that wasn’t on the radar as a possibility.”

ON THE STUDENT DESIGN HE SAW TODAY: “The main thing is both the journalism schools and students going to journalism schools need to be looking outside the U.S. for inspiration- I don’t see them doing that. Andjust because you’re broadsheet, you can still have interesting covers. One of the great things that I’m glad we did is we went down to four-story covers at the Star and that’s helped us out quite a bit, we’re not trying to fit all these headlines on it.”

INTERNATIONAL INSPIRATION: In Europe, they’re using color, they’re using energy. they’re taking what they intend to do and doing it all the way… We’re completely middle of the road here in the U.S.

FAVORITE FONT: Chaparral. “It’s a serif but it’s almost a slab or sans serif. One of those fonts where you could almost use it in a monofont.”

ABOUT THE STAR’S ACCENT COLOR, “FOUNTAIN BLUE”: The overall color depends on the section- business is orange which is a conscious decision to use orange instead of the generic green. A brownish red called ‘sauce’ for sports. the blue is actually called fountain, but I call it flood.”


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