Finally, the other judge bios!

Twelve design-filled hours later, here are the bios of our other two judges! The judging is over, and Joy Mayer’s about to email the winners, so check our Flickr page in the next few days as the winners add their pages!

Gayle Grin is the president of SND and art director, etc. at the National Post in Toronto.

COLLEGE: She studied art, education, English and psychology as an undergrad at Trinity College in Chicago, and then embarked on her first careers as an art and drama teacher and nursing home activity director. Her masters was in graphic design, and she started working at Canadian magazines before moving into news design at the Montreal Gazette — her first experience with big broadsheet pages. “I found broadsheet very adventurous. It encourages risk taking because it’s going to wrap fish the next day. When you’re a magazine designer you are very careful and you don’t want to make mistakes because it’s going to be on someone’s coffee table for a very long time,” she said.

ADVICE FOR COLLEGE DESIGNERS: Besides being aware of trends in Web design, Gayle said she suggests taking an art class or two. “Innovation often comes from stretching the creative part of your brain. What you’re really doing is expanding the sensory side of your brain, your creative side. And that will help you divide into a bigger risk taker.”

ON COLLEGE DESIGN: Gayle said she saw a newspapers today that packaged cover and inside content very well and created conceptual focus.

FAVORITE FONT: Her latest favorite is Farnum.

ABOUT COLOR: “You have to reflect your audience with color,” Gayle said. She made rich jewel tones The National Post’s colors: its accent gold and “post blue.”


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