What’s up with that?

The judges are a little hesitant to give awards in some categories with few entries where none stand out. Thus, some have only one third-place winner and not a first or second, and some have honorable mentions with no placed winners at all.
They said they don’t want to award work that isn’t the best.
There was also some confusion about what entries belong in what categories, leading judges to re-do non-daily features when a photo page entry that was better than the winners in that category came up later.
The non-daily infographics cateory was a good example of this, in part because of confusion over the definition of an infographic.
Greg said “It’s a graphic that imparts information … it’s gotta be information told visually.”
Of the two finalists in that category, Gayle said she “wouldn’t have entered either of these in information graphics, but these were the best in the category.” She mentioned that the SND quick courses, which students can take, teach short story forms and charticles that encourage the type of creative design that the two entries showed.
“Charting a story is just as important as telling a story, reporters don’t like hearing that,” Gayle said.


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