A word from the judges

While looking at sports features, the judges noticed spreads that were readable and looked well thought out.
One design stood out to them initially but had a few flaws that kept it from getting honorable mention. While the first page of this spread was elegant with excellent type treatment and beautiful photo work, the judges felt the other pages in the design showed too much reverse type and it became too difficult to follow the path of the story. Dave Elsesser said the photo work alone was worth saying nice job. But, as Tippi Thole said, the lack of respect for the story and reader by making the story difficult to read made the judges draw the line.

In photo page design, the judges noticed that some of the photos needed more editing. Repetitiveness in photos is never good, and neither is a photo that doesn’t match the mood of the spread. The judges also mentioned how important captions were, and that they should be considered a part of the design from the get-go.
The third place winner did an excellent job of getting out of the way of beautiful images and created a traditional design. Tippi appreciated the color and movement. However, the type in their captions did not match, showing lack of attention to detail. The judges felt like the design was sophisticated, but that the first and second place winners showed more innovation.
The second place winner in this category showed innovation and minimalist treatment, Dave said. The judges liked the concept of the photographs and that the designer did not over-design.
The first place design showed creative photo cropping and juxtaposition of black and white images that gave the spread an edgy feel. Though the design won first place, the judges noticed a few areas where it could be improved. Bill Gaspard felt that one photo did not match the mood of the others, which could disrupt a reader.


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