Feedback on multimedia winners

Category E1: Best Overall College Newspaper web site

First Place: The Collegian, University of Richmond

Second Place: The Daily Collegian Online, Penn State University

Third Place: The Miami Hurricane, University of Miami

**Judges noted that some of the most important aspects of the winning sites were the balance achieved between photos, graphics and text, as well as a clean look throughout. There are ways that these sites utilized traditional web site organizational formatting while making it seem new as well.

Category E2: Best Mini-site/spcial section of a web site

First Place: Film Festival 2008, Savannah College of Art and Design

Second Place: Voters Guide 2008, University of Missouri

**Judges noted that content was strong in some of these, while others were lacking integral multimedia elements that had the opportunity to wow audiences.

Category E3: Best Interactive Infographic

Honorable Mention: The Gold Standard, University of Missouri

**Judges noted that conveying information is just as important as creating a useful interactive media piece. Some entries lacked the information aspect. Readability issues were also brought up as hurting some entries.

Category E4: Best Multimedia Slideshow

First Place: LBC Gospel Choir, University of Missouri

Second Place: Memories of the Depression, University of Missouri

**Judges noted that certain entries had stronger photography while others did better in integrating the supplemental multimedia elements into the slideshows. Technical issues rules out some entries in this category.


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