Judge comments on our first daily winners

There were a lot of front pages that had great aspects about them — illustrations, conceptual designs, photo packages, etc. — but the rest of the page fell apart aside from that. Execution was also brought up in conjunction with above-the-fold versus below-the-fold attention to detail. Many elements on some of the pages created too much complexity and took away from the overall focus of the pages.

Like taking advantage of all the different ways to portray the information on the Boom goes the economy page. (Tippi)

The sophistication of that page makes it stand out. That designer rose to the challenge. (Bill)

Use of color contrast in the “Kink” page was good in the photo, less good in the typography. (Bill)

Disconnect between idea and the visuals – “sink or swim” doesn’t exactly match idealism. (Bill)

Photoshop execution can be a ding but wasn’t a dealbreaker.

Sophisticated use of typography on the picture (words over the eyes). (Bill)

Secondary elements that don’t compete with the centerpiece are important. (Tippi)

Really great execution can’t altogether make up for a disconnect between the concept and the theme. (Tippi)


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