Multimedia winners announced

 The multimedia judges have made their selections in our four online categories. Check back later today to see the judges’ comments on the winning entries. (See below for judge information.)

E1 – Best overall college newspaper Web site

 First place: The Collegian, University of Richmond; Kimverly Leonard, Dan Petty, Remo Kommnick 
 Second place: The Daily Collegian Online, Penn State University; Ian Brown 
 Third place: The Miami Hurricane, University of Miami; Brian Schlansky

 E2 – Best mini-site/special section of a Web site
 First place:
Film Festival 2008, Savannah College of Art and Design; Logan Best

 Second place: Voters Guide 2008, University of Missouri; Kate Ley

 E3 – Best interactive infographic

 HM: The Gold Standard, University of Missouri; Meredith Purcell
 E4 – Best multimedia slideshow

 First place: LBC Gospel Choir, University of Missouri; Phoebe Sexton

 Second place: Memories of the Depression, University of Missouri; Samantha Clemens



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2 responses to “Multimedia winners announced

  1. MP

    Out of curiosity, who got first and second in E3? It just lists HM.

  2. I was one of the three judges so I can speak to the lack of places in certain categories.

    With E3 in particular, we felt that the entries were not strong enough, nor was there enough competition, to garner a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place finish. We wanted to highlight the HM package because we felt it had some strong elements, but it also had several weaknesses that bumped it out of a top-three placement.

    Competition moderator Joy Mayer will be posting more of our comments later today, so hopefully it will help clarify how, and why, we made our decisions.

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