Meet the judges: Kevin Goodbar

As the College News Design Contest gets closer (6 days left to enter!), we’re introducing you to our six judges. Kevin is one of our three judges for the print categories. ā€” Joy Mayer

Kevin Goodbar is a seasoned designer, with 25 years’ experience. A graduate of the University of Kansas with a BFA in Visual Communication, Goodbar spent much of his career in Austin, Texas. Working as a designer at the University of Texas, and later as Associate Creative Director at the noted design firm fd2s, Goodbar received numerous local design awards, including honors from the Austin Graphic Arts Association and the Austin Addys.

Goodbar also has served as Art Director at two city magazines: 5280 in Denver, and now St. Louis Magazine. During his tenures at both magazines, he supervised complete redesigns and rebranding of the magazines.

Goodbar has been recognized by Communication Arts, The Society for Publication Design, New York Art Directors Club and Print Magazine.


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