Information graphics competition

There were 25 entries for this category.

1st place: Andrew Carpenter- University of Missouri/ Columbia Missourian, “Bombs, bursting in air”
2nd place: Ryan Martin – University of Missouri/ Columbia Missourian, “The impact of red-light cameras”
3rd place: Stephanie Cope – Ball State University/ The Philadelphia Inquirer, “Blast from the past”
Honorable mentions: Biz Carson – Indiana University/ Indiana Daily Student, “Big bucks in the Big 10”

and Javier Lopez- Art Institute of Chicago/ F Newsmagazine, “A manual for relief”

Judges spent a lot of time analyzing the entries and figuring out why certain entries were designed certain ways. Some were “trying to do a lot of different things” and becoming cluttered.

A lot of the discussion today has been about how images could have effectively bled into the flag or off the page in order to strengthen the concept.

Kevin: I think this category is probably one of the most difficult categories to execute in the business, and I think we have some really good examples of this.

Overall, judges said the winners are high-class and entered top work.


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