Overall design of a magazine

There were 12 entries in this category.

1st place: John Nguyen, Mark Ziener and Amy Troche-Walsh – Savannah College of Art and Design-Atlanta/SCAN “Spring 2009, Fall 2009 and Winter 2010”
2nd place: Larry Buchanan – Indiana University/Inside , “The Freshest Issue Ever., Move., and Music.”
3rd place: Taryn Wood and Elise Catchings – University of Missouri/VOX Magazine , “On the Record Off the Meter, Play by Play, and Final Destinations”
Honorable mentions: Gillian Grawey, Deanne Revel and Gretchen Schwartz- SCAD/District Quarterly, “Volume 1, Issues 1 and 2”
*Judges Special Recognition: Sam Mays – University of Tennessee/Phoenix Lit/Arts Magazine

*Judges Special Recognition: Phoneix is lovely, but it is not a magazine. It is a brochure. I think it is definitely worth recognition. It is exquisitely designed. Different use of styles and techniques. Removed this from the magazine category but wanted to recognize its attention to detail and how well thought out it is.

Scan does a really good job of graphic design and good communication to their audience.

What’s hard about this is that they are all different.

VOX being weekly is a huge challenge. There’s a few things inside that aren’t as tight as it should. It’s different week to week, but it is consistent and it is consistently good.

Inside has a good sense of its mission and its attitude. But at the same time also kind of refined. Excellent covers. Different kinds of story types as well. You want to sit down and read it.


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  1. Amy Troche-Walsh

    Thanks so much for the honor. Everyone at SCAN is so excited to be part of this contest and winning 1st place. We hope to see much more of SCAN in the future!

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