Overall use of Photography


1st: Jennifer Brennan, Jamie De Pould, Krista Flynt, Kelina Imamura, Josh Kruk, Kuan Luo, Lauren Migaki, David Miller, Syracuse University/The Student Voice “Tough Choices, Tough Times”

2nd: Sean Wright, Savannah College of Art and Design/ SCAN (Winter 2010)

General Observations:

Syracuse section relied on photography as a storytelling vehicle throughout and had a lot of interesting images that brought thought to illustrate stories home. -Rob Schneider

It was extensive. It wasn’t just a couple pages, it was thorough and consistent. -Steve Dorsey

Scan magazine used photography really well but the whole thing was designed well, it wasn’t relied on photography like the Syracuse issue. -Kevin Goodbar

Both were very well done but with different disciplines.


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