Student designer of the year

Ten students entered portfolios for designer of the year.

First place: Larry Buchanan, Indiana University ($750 award to go to SND conference in Denver)

Second place: Taryn Wood, University of Missouri

Third place: Kyle Ellis, Ball State University

Judges comments:

With eight entries left on the table: “Let’s just take the $750 and divide it. Just kidding.” Steve Dorsey

On eliminating an entry: “You always look for the weakest thing.” Rob Schneider

On eliminating entries: “There’s a lot of stuff in here that didn’t reach that level.” Steve Dorsey

“We saw some things in this category that would have done well entered in another category. If they had entered them individually, they would have risen above and been awarded.” Steve Dorsey

“I have a hard time delineating which is the best.” Steve Dorsey

“It’s clean and it matches the magazine. Each complements the other.” Steve Dorsey on the multimedia components of a designer of the year portfolio.

“Oh my God, this is every shape size and flavor, that’s a lot of work.” Steve Dorsey on a portfolio entered for designer of the year. “It runs the gamut. It gives it a lot of depth, to me.”

“What’s most impressive about this is the different places it has touched. College paper, magazine, internships, Web…” said Rob Schneider.

“It’s the one true portfolio.” Steve Dorsey on the winning portfolio.

Advice for putting together portfolios in general:

  • They are only as strong as the weakest piece.
  • The strongest ones have breadth. They cross into many areas and explore and succeed. The basics must be executed at the highest level to be awarded.

Notes to future entrants: Parts of the portfolios would have done very well if they had been entered separately into other categories. Feel free to enter things into multiple categories.

A huge thanks to our judges, Steve, Rob and Kevin. Check back tomorrow for our multimedia contest results.

Do you have questions for our judges? Leave them in the comments and we’ll ask them and get back to you here on the blog.


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