Best one-subject stand-alone mini-site or special section/special package of a larger Web site

B3. Best one-subject stand-alone mini-site OR special section/special package of a larger Web site (can be from a student publication or an internship, but must have been completely designed by students)

First: UNC Chapel Hill, News 21

Second: Northwestern University

From the students’ entry form: Our First Love is a multimedia storytelling experiment. Produced by the undergraduate Medill 390 class Advanced Interactive Design, it is based on the idea that journalism on the Internet should be about connectivity. Not just hyperlinks or social networking, but connectivity in the sense that it has the unique ability to bring even perfect strangers together, showing us all what we have in common. New media journalism can be the ultimate equalizer, a proof of human condition. So, to test our idea, we decided to focus on something simple, something to which everyone can relate. We went with love. We all have stories about our first loves. Whether it was a boy at camp, a wife, a favorite old teddy bear or a life-long love of fishing, the experience of falling head-over-heels for the first time is something everyone shares. It’s not about us, though. While we’ve created a large initial database of text, audio and video stories, the site is intended to grow on its own. Eventually it will have a foundation of user-submitted but editorially curated and moderated multimedia content. It will truly be journalism for and of the people.

Third: Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Cary Bryant, Amanda Averbeck, and Seth MacFadyen

Honorable mentions:

From UNC Chapel Hill, News 21:

From Ball State, designed by Amy Buck:


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