Breaking News

1st: Allison Struck  Daily Kent Stater – Kent State, “One dead, four injured in Chardon shooting″

“They have done some really nice explanatory journalism following what was a difficult story to cover in their town.  The news photography is strong and edited well and their headlines answer key questions.  The design is clean and strong.”

2nd: Zach Bergson  The Michigan Daily – University of Michigan, “Finally”

“When you have an image like this, the best thing to do is stay out of its way and let it do its thing.  The designer here really captures the emotion of the game and shows what a page can do to represent a moment in time.”

3rd: Arjun Mahanti  The Michigan Daily – University of Michigan, “Extra Sweet”

“A strong edit of breaking news photographs, clean headline writing and strong page architecture tell the story of a big win for the school.”

Honorable Mention: Kimberly Bartner  The DailyCollegian – Penn State, “FIRED: Spanier, Paterno gone”

Honorable Mention: Brandon Mitchener  The Columbia Missourian – University of Missouri, “Costly Mistake”


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