Front Page Broadsheet


Entries from category A1, Front Page Broadsheet









1st:  Stephanie Meredith The Daily News – Ball State University, “Desirable No. 1: Harry Potter”

“The paper showed a really good execution. They took a risk on a feature approach to a 1A from typography to the treated background in order to make it look like the Daily Prophet. It works really well for them.”

1st: Kimberly Barner The Daily Collegian – Penn State, “May No Act of Ours Bring Shame?”

“They manged to start with a clean slate and use headlines and photos to answer questions most important to the readers. They tossed out the traditional layout in choice for an all-refer full page, used to scan through and understand what was a huge, HUGE news story for them that day.

3rd: Tyrone Malik Cato The Daily News – Ball State University, “Catch a Ride”

Great use of pull out info and really organized. The hierarchy is established with a good use of color and pull out info.

Honorable Mention: Brandon Mitchener Missourian – University of Missouri “Stopping Suicide”

Honorable Mention: Paulina Olivares The Daily Gamecock – University of South Carolina, “Best Team Ever”

Honorable Mention: Patrick Armstrong, David Hoernlen, Jenelle Grewell The All State – Austin Peay State University, “A Decade of Vaginas”


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