Information Graphic

1st: Vanessa Voight  Daily Tar Heel, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, “Battle of the Blues”

“The designer took oen of the most well-known rivalries in college basketball and broke it down in a number of imaginative ways by championships, by points, by players in the the NBA, by jerseys. Every way that you would want to slice and dice Duke/UNC they presented here with a whimsicial touch.”

2nd: Nolan Loh  The Michigan Daily, University of Michigan, “Portrait of the graduate”

“The graphics artist took a question that many students must consider: ‘What happens after I graduate?’ and presented a range of answers. Where do graduates end up? How much do they make? They gave the information a nice lively presentation.”

3rd: Tyrone Malik Cato  The Daily News, Ball State University, “Raising the Bar”

“The construction centerpiece represents a fun and creative way to present construction numbers at Ball State, taking the reader through virtually everything they’d need to know about the building construction.”

Honorable Mention: Mushfig Ui Hug  The Varsity, University of Toronto, “Sexy Times at U of T”

Honorable Mention: David Hoernlen  The All State, Austin Peay State University, “Counterfeit bills surface in Clarksville”

Honorable Mention: Siwen Li  Missourian, University of Missouri, “Hot Air Ballooning”

Honorable Mention: Greg Hudson  The Daily News, Ball State University, “Immigration issues reach Ball State”

Honorable Mention: Quinn Keaveney  F News Magazine, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, “A Year at SAIC”

Honorable Mention: Hilary Fung  Northby Northwestern Magazine, Northwestern University, “The Price You Pay”

Honorable Mention: Danielle Rindler  Inside Magazine, Indiana University, “Hung up on hooking up”


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