Overall Design Of A Newspaper

1st: Staff  F News Magazine, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

“As a newspaper, it knew when to take risks and have fun and when to tell serious stories. Every piece was thoughtfully illustrated whether it was a photo or illustration. They used design consistently through issues so every page belonged. It was paced very well. It was consistently excellent. They used art and headlines and story choices to surprise their readers.” 

2nd: Kirk Anderson  Mars’ Hill, Trinity Western University

“Good design is obvious. When you open it up, there’s little elements of surprise that are nice for the reader. The center spreads are powerful with a strong presence. They are consistent throughout the issues. They use a clean type palette and they build in treats for the reader, such as the down page folio that gets a lot of voices in there. Great reproduction, great paper. Solid headline writing and surprisingly sophisticated story choices. They are very thoughtful in what they run.”

3rd: Staff  The Daily News, Ball State University

“It is very well done in a traditional broadsheet format. They are not afraid to break the mold and take chances that are reader grabbing. They are really good at coming up with supporting elements. They manage to design those breakouts in a way that does not take away from the main point of the stories.”

Honorable Mention: Mushfig Ui Hug and Matthew Gray  The Varsity, University of Toronto

Honorable Mention: The Daily Collegian Staff  The Daily Collegian, Penn State University

Honorable Mention: Jane Brannen, Erika Graham and Riah Lawry  The Ashbury Collegian, Asbury University


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