Overall Design Of A Special Section

1st: Eric Baskauskas  F News Magazine, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, “-liner”

“This collection of art and writing presented on an astoundingly wide piece of paper is a testament to what you can communicate on a press. It’s a mind-boggling section that really presses the boundaries about letting a reader experience writing and imagery. Great job to the Art Institute for experimenting and pressing the limits.”

2nd: Theresa Berens  Vox Magazine, University of Missouri, “Party of the Century”

“A 100-year anniversary deserves special treatment, and Vox delivered with a polished, useful and energetic section that is as fun to look at as it must have been for students to use.”

3rd: Kimberly Bartner  The Daily Collegian, Penn State University, “Joe Paterno, 1926-2012”

“How do you commemorate the life of a legend? The Daily Collegian, in 16 pages, was able to create a deep journalistic tribute to Joe Paterno that had a surprise on every page.”

Honorable Mention: Alli Berry  F News Magazine, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, “Endless Summer”

Honorable Mention: Patrick Armstrong  The All State, Austin Peay State University, “reflections”


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