Redesign Of A Newspaper

1st: Staff  Indiana Daily Student, Indiana University

“They took a traditional looking broadsheet and really modernized it with elegant type. They rebranded their serif to a sans serif. They changed the size, but they didn’t look any impact. They went bolder with photography and graphic treatment. Bigger isn’t always better, in this case. They made their size work for them. It’s a very deliberate change. It is not subtle. It’s there. It’s important that they communicated the change to the reader, too. They executed it consistently throughout many of the pages.”

2nd: Natalie Yemenidjian  XPress Newspaper, San Francisco State University

“They went from tired to being very San Francisco. It really fits the metro area that they are in. It’s a much better use of the size. By moving to two stories on the front page, it allows them to do bolder things on the front.”

3rd: Jane Brannen, Erika Graham and Riah Lawry  The Asbury Collegian, Asbury University

“What a difference. A new format: broadsheet to tabloid. It feels more college. It looks like its built for a college student and not a little town.”


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