Special Section Cover

1st: Theresa Berens  Vox Magazine, University of Missouri, “Dan Viets’ Long Road”

“It was a very clean image with clean design. It felt very professional to us.”

2nd: Rachel Schallom  Missourian, University of Missouri, “Sizing up the Tigers”

“It was a very simple photo illustration. The typography is clean. It communicates instantly.”

3rd: Matthew D.H. Gray and Mushfig UI Hug  The Varsity, University of Toronto, “THE DESIGN ISSUE”

“There is a type attack with very clean type. Good use to color.”

Honorable Mention: Jed Moch and Marissa McClain  The Michigan Daily, University of Michigan, “Romance 2.0”

Honorable Mention: Dylan Fagan and Jacob Van Winkle  SCAN Magazine, SCAD Atlanta, Fall ’11/Winter ’12

Honorable Mention: Cole Whitworth and Michael Brown  District Quarterly, SCAD Savannah, “Music issue”

Honorable Mention: Kimberly Bartner  The Daily Collegian, Penn State, “Joe Paterno, 1926-2012”


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