Student Designer Of The Year

1st: Theresa Berens  Vox Magazine, University of Missouri

“Throughout the competition, she was consistent from her color palette to the way she uses photos. She is willing to be risky, and she still pulls it off. She has a great sense of scale, type, color. She understands how to be consistent. She knows how to take an idea and carry it through an entire section. Her work was the best work we saw in a number of categories. She knows when to introduce surprises and fun and explanatory elements. 30 under 30 was incredibly consistent, well put together, page after page. Vox has incredibly useful guide information. She has solid, solid work. The choices she makes are always appropriate for topic matter. This would get a hard look at a professional competition. It goes above and beyond what the rest of her peers are doing, and that’s why it stands out. She has branded her design.”  

2nd: Alli Berry  F News Magazine, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

“F Magazine is one of the most adventurous publications we saw and a lot of that is due to the kind of ideas that this designer introduces. She is able to communicate all kinds of different stories in a fun and sophisticated way. The summer guide is a delightful section. Every detail is very worked through. Whether its working with photos or constructing small bits of information, she gets the little touches right and is able to communicate the story very well. Her work communicates ideas, and she gets the details right. There is always a payoff for the person reading the piece.”

3rd: Carlos Mella  The Miami Hurricane, University of Miami

“He knows how to use information. Every piece that he does incorporates more information. He is trying different ways to express that. His portfolio shows a wide range of skills to tell stories. The design has multiple entry points and different ways to grab readers on all kinds of subjects from parking garages to football games.”

Honorable Mention: Gus Wezerek  Boston Globe, Northwestern University

Honorable Mention: Joe Carpenter  F News Magazine, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Honorable Mention: Patrick M. Jenkins  F News Magazine, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Honorable Mention: LeeAnn Elias  Columbia Missourian, University of Missouri

Honorable Mention: Kimberly Bartner  The Daily Collegian, Penn State University

Honorable Mention: Katie Wood  Columbia Missourian, University of Missouri

Honorable Mention: Kirk Anderson  Mars’ Hill, Trinity Western University


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