Overall news website

Second place: Grandviews, Staff, Grandview University- The judges liked the gallery down at the bottom, but wished there were captions. Autoplay audio was irritating. They liked the consistency, modularness. The type should be a little bigger and line length to be a little longer in article pages. The header is very large. “It seems like somebody just threw it in there, not designed it,” said Yuri Victor.

The Connector– The site uses white space well, is navigable and usable. The reading experience is clean. The type size should be about a point size larger. Good use of hierarchy, color. Good use of color.

Honorable mention:

Pierce, Eileen Quackenbush, Sarah Clifton, Pierce College

Miami Hurricane, Amanda Zacharkiewicz, University of Miami

Reese, University of North Carolina students, University of North Carolina

The Varsity, Sam Bowman, Patrck Love, Tom Lardoso, Cailen McQualtio, Josh Kelly, University of Toronto


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