Video or multimedia project

It’s awesome how many student papers are using video when almost no professional papers are using video.

First place: Born into Coal, Catherine Orr, Catherine Spangler, University of North Carolina

World of Coal, Hadley Gustafson, Adrienne Wollman, Jeff Mittelstadt, University of North Carolina: Great timing, very impressive. Depth of reporting and knowledge of separating into separate pieces

Wyoming to Chicago, Hadley Gustafson, Adrienne Wollman, Catherin Orr, University of North Carolina

Coal & You, Kristen Long, Adrienne Wollman, University of North Carolina

From Coal Towns to Ghost Towns, Adrienne Wollman, Catherine Orr, University of North Carolina

All are beautifully composed, uses stills and motion, great art direction, stories that stands alone and supports the package. There’s an obsessive attention to detail and art direction. There was clearly someone paying attention to how they’ll all work together and how they would stand-alone. They were researched very well; they were humanized and gave a big picture.

Honorable mention:

Syracuse News21 Opener, Kuan Luo, Syracuse: Loved the pacing, beautifully done. It doesn’t necessarily work as a stand-alone, but better as part of the project.

Bear in Mind, Maverick Moore, Baylor: Didn’t like the pun.

SCAD, Skateboarding, Victor Makali, Danielle Austin, SCAD


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