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Seeking pdfs

Dear print winners:

Chen Yao, a graduate student here at Mizzou, has been trying to collect pdfs of the winning print entries so that we can publish a photo gallery of them. I think it would be terrific if we could display your award-winning work online. However, the problem is that the vast majority of you have been ignoring Chen’s emails. Could you please help us out? Email Chen at – Nathan



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By Patrick Garvin

University of Missouri’s Theresa Berens was named Student Designer of the year at 2012 College News Design Contest last month in Columbia, Mo. Theresa is a graduate student studying editorial design. She graduates this month and is looking for a full-time gig in the fall.

The judges observed that her work always goes above and beyond. “She knows when to introduce surprises and fun and explanatory elements. She knows how to take an idea and carry it through an entire section. Her work was the best work we saw in a number of categories.”


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May 7th, 2012

By Miranda Mulligan

This year was the first that I had the opportunity to judge the College News Design contest and, I must admit, diving into this subsection of the larger digital competition was pretty fun.

Joined by fellow judges Yuri Victor and Karen Davies, we spent the better part of three hours picking nits over student entries in nine categories. Particularly over the past six months, I have seen some very clever, at times inventive, innovative digital work in students’ portfolios. I was pretty excited to see some of those pieces competing in this contest.


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