Designer of the year winner

1st: Alli Berry F News Magazine – SAIC

“This portfolio was a cut above the others. The execution is nice, the color is nice and the sophistication and confidence is above the other submissions. There’s a very clear voice and it stands way out.”

2nd: Patrick M. Jenkins F News Magazine – SAIC

“This portfolio really puts emphasis on the publication’s elements. The designer doesn’t feel that he has to reinvent his tools, but instead puts his effort into making sure his art, elements, structure and so on, is consistent. There’s also good restraint. The designer isn’t doing crazy stuff with grids or 50 different shades of color. It’s pulled back so the intelligence comes through on each page.”

3rd: Kevin Maurice Golden Inside Magazine – Indiana University, The Boston Globe

“This portfolio shows you the range of a designer. When I see portfolios coming in, I like to see somebody that can go both ways. This portfolio lets us see the designer’s versatility because it includes college work and professional work. This not only speaks to the designer’s confidence and level of vision, but his ability to work under direction. In the world of design, there’s a fine line – you have to have your own point of view, but you also have to be able to take direction and you can see both of these skills in this portfolio.”

Honorable mentions: Carlos Mella The Miami Hurricane – University of Miami, Michele Snow The Quinnipiac Chronicle – Quinnipiac University, Chris Montgomery Mars’ Hill Newspaper – Trinity Western University

Congratulations Alli Berry!



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