Overall design of a newspaper winners

1st: Staff F News Magazine – SAIC

“This one had appeal because we could recognize the undercurrents of really solid architecture. There’s a solid voice that’s going on throughout the publication, even though the pages are handled by many. This publication is consistent, yet surprising and there’s an undercurrent of discipline. It’s hard to do all of this at the same time, but when you see it you realize it. That’s what this paper does really well. There are no throwaway pages in there.”

Honorable mentions: DTH staff The Daily Tar Heel – UNC Chapel Hill, Carmen Dunford, James Gardner, Brad Davis, and David Bowman The Universe – Brigham Young University

Judges encouraged designers to follow style, saying that there were a “lot of tiny things that any designer can do that a lot of these publications just didn’t follow. The small things count and when one publication pays attention to detail and another one doesn’t there’s a huge difference.” Judges also advised publications publications to avoid allowing pages to become throwaway pages.

Congratulations F News Magazine!



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