Designer of the Year

It’s the big one! Drumroll please…..

Click names to view designer’s web portfolio.

1st: Frederick J. Eschrich, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
“Consistent excellence with typography, grid, color and resolution of the concept. There’s a lot of original thoughts. It all fits together — everything looks like it’s from the same paper and has the same style. His originality comes through. It had one of the best projects — the Syria story — with the illustrations and graphics that were created.”

2nd: Raquel Mendez, University of Missouri
“Rich storytelling with illustrative capability. Very adept at telling stories with photographs. Goes from a serious realm to a whimsical realm with illustrations that work with both. She made the Summer Preview pages very fun to look at — it all fits together.”

3rd: Emily Theis, Ball State University
“The portfolio showed a nice use of color and typography. Very well resolved typography even down to the minute detail. Very well edited. Clean.”

HM: Kevin Golden, Indiana University

A huge congratulations to these student designers. You gave the judges A LOT to talk about and it took a considerable amount of time to analyze the amazing work you all did.

Thanks to everyone who entered this year’s print competition! Check back tomorrow morning beginning at 9:30 a.m. CST for the digital contest.


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