Photo story design


1st place: Raquel Zaldivar, “Being 20 in the 20th Century.” University of Miami, Distraction.
There’s so much nice direction. Good white space. The photos fit together well. Themactially there a nice edit to the theme. Nice edit of tight crop and overview. Everything within the frame is relevant to the story. Everything has a purpose.”



2nd place: Michael Boehnlein, “We were going pretty fast…” Ball State University, The Ball State Daily News.
Good moments in these photos. The fact that this is breaking news and they reacted to it, I really like. Nice emotion, reaction and a danger element.”



3rd place: Wade Rupard, “True faces at True/False.” University of Missouri, Columbia Missourian.


General comment: Don’t be afraid of white space. It helps bring focus to the page.



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