Digital judges general comments

Teaming up with computer science students:

Larry: I think it would be great to see websites more considered and developed and for student newsrooms to reach out to students in computer science programs/telecommunication programs who can code and push what can be done on the web and not necessarily what can be done in an iPad.

iPad magazines:

Larry: A lot of interactive magazine were beautiful but I struggled to see who downloads them. Some took a long time to load. It’s a great exercise for students to do but i don’t know if it’s practical in the real world.


Julie: I would ask students to take a hard look at what their doing and ask themselves if they would want to watch that. There were editing issues — some were really long. Others needed to take a step back and stop being too literal. Editing would strengthen all of these videos. Just because someone says something doesn’t mean it’s important.


Luke: More consideration needs to be given to performance. If readers are having trouble downloading or it won’t work on all browsers, it kind of defeats the purpose. There’s too much reliance on templates — in this case, Wordpress templates. Maybe with more help from computer science students they could customize it more to meet their needs and desires.


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