Mini-site/special section of a news website

1st place:, Chris Voll, Syracuse University, The Daily Orange

You get a sense that these are special stories. The focus is on the stories without any distractions. Good use of typography and white space. The graphics and videos were integrated really well — especially the timeline. The animated gifs were a great idea. The hand drawn style really worked.

2nd place:, Alexis Balinski, Isabella Bartolucci, Maria van Alast, Natalie Taylor, G. Ligaya Romero, Hannah Peterson, Caroline Pate, Caitlin Owens, Katie Myer, Casey Miller, Josie Hollingsworth, Katherine Fitzgerald, Simone Duval, Ryan Comfort, Viviana Bonilla; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Unique typography really fit the content. The video and initial image is nice; it’s inviting. I like seeing ‘why it matters’ up high. The narrative underneath it gives you a sense of why you should care. One of the stronger type and color treatments which help with the organization.

3rd place:, Hannah Weinberger, Emma Galli, Katy Denning, Sarah Peach, Ashlyn Still, G. Ligaiya Romero, Brittain McNeel, Spencer Bakalar, Erin Hull, Natalie Taylor, Eric Pait, John Remensperger, Daren Brabham, Matt Brozowski, Jody Sugrue; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Photos and videos are absolutely gorgeous. The annotation on top of the videos were quite nice. That style can get ugly very quickly but they did it in a refined way that really helped the contest. The text templates needed some help. The site felt very comprehensive. If I wanted to know more about this topic, I would feel very satisfied. I could see someone spending an hour or longer with the site.

HM:, Kelly Stevens, Syracuse University, The Fall Workshop

The one case I didn’t mind a sideways scroll — it worked here. The subtle rollover was nice but the piece overall lacked hierarchy. The strength of the individual photos were great and made me want to click on them. What is the fall workshop? I had to do a lot of clicking to figure out where I was and why I was there.



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