Video or multimedia project

1st place: “Over Water Under Fire,” Hannah Weinberger, Emma Galli, Katy Denning, Sara Peach, Ashlyn Still, G. Ligaiya Romero, Brittain McNeel, Spencer Bakalar, Erin Hull, Natalie Taylor, Eric Pait, John Remensperger, Daren Brabham, Matt Brozowski, Jody Sugrue; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The video quality is absolutely unmatched. So professional looking. It’s just so good. Engaging…the way it was shot, edited, the pacing. It expressed a feeling in a non-literal way, which is hard to do. Really powerful storytelling.

2nd place: “On the Brink,” Denni (Chenxi) Hu, Courtney Tye, Emma Galli, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Pacing really helps quite a lot. Short quick shots are beautiful — I love the choppy nature of them. The animations only add to the video quality. The illustrative elements with the documentary images were affective. It felt different without being distracting.


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