SSND DAY #1 Recap!


Print judges, Lee Steele (left): President of SND,  Presentation Editor/Columnist, Hearst Corporation.  Marianne Seregi (middle), Magazine Art Director, The Washington Post. Dan Zedek(right): Assistant managing editor for design, The Boston Globe 

Well it’s been quite the day full of so many amazing layouts and impressive designing! It was a gloomy day here in DC, but the judging room was buzzing with excitement as we went through the entries and got to see some of the best student news design in the country. As we mentioned in a previous post the winners of Newspaper Cover Design A1:

1st Place Roselyn Adams Celebrating Veterans day University of Missouri
2nd Place Mara Corbett Advocating for answers Syracuse
3rd Place Sarbani Ghosh Shalala University of Miami
Honorable Mention Missourian Staff Rockstars University of Missouri

Next, came Newspaper Page Design A2. The judges discussed that there was a lot of ambition and energy in all of these entries! There were some issues of clutter and not staying on a grid in the designing, but overall the judges had a lot of confidence in their final decisions.

Newspaper Page Design A2:

1st Place Missourian Staff Growing District faces decreased state funding Mizzou
2nd Place Katherine Sotezo Midterm Elections Syracuse

The following category was Features Page Design A3 which was the biggest category thus far! The judges were positive after the first round that this was going to be a super competitive category and all agreed to hold the highest of standards. They expressed that they loved the innovative more magazine style type entries. After 20 minutes deliberating and going over the top six entries, they reached a consensus:

Features Page Design A3:

1st Chloe Meister The Myslice and Beyond Syracuse
2nd Michelle Cook Murica University of Miami
3rd Alex Cordahl Not Otherwise Specified Northwestern
Honorable Mention Meghan Morris The Camera as Testimony Art Institute of Chicago

The Sports Feature followed. This was a very small group of entries. The judges were tough on this one and overall were not very impressed. They commented on liking the ESPNness of some of these features and the ambition behind these designs, but they also said many were very sloppy. For this category they agreed on one third place and an honorable mention.

Sports Feature A4

3rd Carlos Mella Man from the lights University of Miami
Honorable Mention Lihua Yu Tigers do just enough to get to Homecoming Mizzou

The next category was another features event A5. This one was another smaller pool of entries. There was a lot of discussion about text in this category— specifically about when there is too much cluttered text on the front page, meaning is lost. They chose one winner out of the handful of entries.

Features A5

1st Jordan Martin Its Not Just About Charlie Chicago Art

Multi- Page Features A6

1st  Michelle Cook  Murica  University of Miami
2nd Roselyn Adams Bone Headed Fan Boys Mizzou
3rd Allison Lewis Missouri Spotlight Mizzou

For Categories A7 and A8 the judges decided not to award any entries.

Photostory Design A9 was judged next and stay tuned for those results and the rest of the competition results!

Photo Story Design A9

2nd Monica Burciaga, Jordan Martin A hundred rubies Chicago Art
3rd Missourian Staff Loren Reid’s life Mizzou
Honorable Mention Roselyn Adams Out of Reach Mizzou

Overall Use of Photography A10

1st Staff of Spoon Cheese, Please Northwestern
2nd Staff of Spoon Ice pop Northwestern
Honorable Mention Tara Hotwinick Baked Fall 2014 Syracuse

Another large entry category, the Illustration category was very competitive. The details in the entries were strong, however, overall the judges were underwhelmed. One judge even said in the first round “I didn’t sink any of my voting chips with gusto”. In the category sweep from Chicago Arts the judges found all of these entries provocative and culturally interesting.

Illustration A11

1 Anna B. Smylie Ayotzinapa Chicago Arts
2 Anna B. Smylie Command + P Chicago Arts
3 Megan Prya not that kind of writer yet Chicago Arts
Honorable Mention Anna B. Smylie Startups versus astronauts Chicago Arts

This winning entry was actually entered in another event (which it received an honorable mention for) but the judges were overwhelmed by the quality of this piece that they amended to have it the winning design for a category that they had previously deemed no placing designs for. Information Graphics A12

1st Ainslie Perlmutt, Bridget Walsh, Sarah Delk, Anna Tang, Nan Copeland, Sarah Hoehn, Lorraine Besse, Jenna Stout, Caleb Wilkie, Cassie Schutzer, Amansa Hayes, Jessica Karsner, Justin Chang, Daniel Lockwood, Caroline Smith Forensics UNC, Chapel Hill

Alternative Story Format A13

The overwhelming idea in this discussion was that the judges decided that many of the students didn’t understand the concept of this category, but these two entries prevailed as quality work in concept and execution.

1st Berke Yazicioglu Famous Hook-ups Chicago
2nd Mande Younge Where should you take your date for coffee Northwestern

Cover of a Magazine or Newspaper Special Section A14

During the middle of this judging the question arose if the judges were judging colors or illustrations as a joke, but with a more serious tone. They were looking for a cohesive narrative that had many layers and that was not just a beautiful image.

1st Jordan Martin You did it Chicago Arts
2nd KK Rebecca Lee Ice Pop Northwestern
3rd Lindsay Pierce Curb Appeal Mizzou
Honorable Mention John Whitney Martin Let’s Pretend Chicago Arts

Overall Magazine A15

1st Staff of Spoon Ice Pop Northwestern University
2nd Lindsay Dawson Turning Points Syracuse
3rd Staff if Spoon Cheese, please Northwestern University
Honorable Mention Ainslie Perlmutt, Bridget Walsh, Sarah Delk, Anna Tang, Nan Copeland, Sarah Hoehn, Lorraine Besse, Jenna Stout, Caleb Wilkie, Cassie Schutzer, Amansa Hayes, Jessica Karsner, Justin Chang, Daniel Lockwood, Caroline Smith Forensics UNC, Chapel Hill

Overall Design Of Magazine Group A16

This was our smallest category yet, with just one entry, but the judges made a quick decison saying that this quality was worthy of a first place award.

1st FNewsmagazine Multiple Chicago

Overall Design of a Newspaper A17

As the judges neared the end of the competition, they knew what they were looking for with focus. This was a quick round of judging and the judges were unanimous on the decision, with the top entry being the most clean and clear of all the other entries. The judges even commented that they would’ve liked to see the other special sections mentioned on the cover of the newspaper included in the winning submission.

1st Edmund Heaphy Multiple entries Trinity College Dublin
2nd The Daily Orange Staff Multiple entries Syracuse
3rd Jenna Wengler Multiple entries Vanderbilt

A18 Redesign of Magazine or Newspaper there were no awards given to the entries in this category.

Designer of the Year

After looking through extensive portfolios the following received Designer of the Year awards:

1st Anna B Smylie Design Chicago Art
2nd Tracee Tibbits Designer Vox, Mizzou
3rd Jordan Whitney Martin Designer Chicago Art

Annnnnd…that’s a wrap for Day #1 at the SSND Competition and concludes the print design categories. Stay-tuned with us tomorrow as we judge the digital entry categories!

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