Special Section cover

1st: Chloe Meister, The Daily Orange

The judges applauded the crop of the cover photograph.

2nd: Claudia Fernandez Hernandez, Allie Pakronsis, Rori Kotch; Distraction Mag

The judges noted the disconnect between the font in raw meat and the feature that seemed to be on veganism. “Is that a slab script,” Joe Greco joked.

3rd: Madalyne Bird, Vox Magazine

After seeing the death penalty feature in a previous category, the judges agreed that the photo choice was striking and fit well.

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1st: Jason Bredehoett, The Columbia Missourian

The judges thought that the infographics were superior. “This could be in the Chicago Tribune or the New York Times right now,” Joe Greco said.

“After seeing their other sports pages, the restraint is overwhelming,” Luis Rendon said. “They told the story with the data.”

Honorary Mention: Priyoshi Kapur, F News

Anson Stevens-Bollen said with the content, which is online, this is a strong infographic.

Honorary Mention:Chloe Meister, The Daily Orange 

The judges agreed that the story was an important one to tell, but thought a lot of the little design elements could easily be taken out to make the page cleaner.


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Alternative Story format

1st: staff, F News

The judges thought the costume guide fit better as an alternative story format than an illustration. They said the headlines made them laugh and they liked the satire.

2nd: Ben Kothe, Vox Magazine

The judges though that although too many fonts were used, this is a successful way of alternative story telling.

Honorary Mention: Sophie Lucido Johnson, FNews

The judges discussed the font choice of the package and the decision behind using it throughout. Anson Stevens-Bollen said that it would do better in smaller amounts.

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The judges were torn between the submissions because they were “of  equal quality but were telling such different stories from one another.” They were torn on judging either based on the quality and the work that went into the illustration and how the illustration told the story. In the end they decided to judge based on quality.

1st: Blake Nelson and Brendan Wray, The Columbia Missourian, Tiger Kickoff special edition.

The judges called the illustration “an editorial cartoon meets comic book.”

“It’s telling you a story right there and you don’t need to go any further,” Luis Rendon said.

2nd: Amber Huff, F News.

The judges weren’t sure what the illustration is supposed to mean and assumed it was supposed to illustrate Halloween. They said it was artsy and appreciated the amount of work spent on it.

3rd: Jarad Soloman, F News.

The judges thought this was a great illustration of professional level of satire.

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Overall use of photography

1st: Chloe Meister, Logan Reidsma, The Daily Orange

“This is amazing, this is beyond,” Joe Greco said. The judges agreed that some of the photography could easily be in the ESPN magazine. They gave a shout out the photography editor.

Honorary Mention: Evan Frost, Montana Journal Review

The judges said they were waiting for the photos to happen and kept getting distracted by how other things were designed.

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Photo story design

1st: Claudia Fernandes Hernandez, Distraction Magazine, “Organized Kaos” 

The judges liked how although this was a fashion shoot it also told the story and gave a shout out to the photographer for finding the location and the models and for knowing exactly what he or she wanted to do with the poses and the lighting.

They thought that the extra details on the photos were unnecessary, and it felt like at times the designer got too carried away and diluted the impact of the photos by bleeding them, but overall though that the presentation was great.

2nd: Sevy Perez, F News, “Bank Shots” 

The called the photography artsy. They said that they liked the person who decided to actually go and photograph the location because this story could have just been a calendar item or a brief.

Honorary Mention: Allison Mann, The Columbia Missourian, “Tailgatin’ Time” 

The judges said that this was a very traditional page and reporting. They said that they liked the lack of redundancy but weren’t sure that the designer knew what their most powerful photo was.

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Special Topic: Black lives matter/student protest

The judges didn’t think the submissions were strong enough to place, but awarded two Honorary Mentions.

Honorary Mention: Brianna Schroer, The Columbia Missourian, “A Moment in a movement” 

The judges thought the most powerful photo of the package was presented well, but other photos seemed redundant and the headline didn’t fit the intensity of the movement.

Honorary Mention: Alex Kostiw, F News, “No Guns” 

After seeing several other submissions from the same newspaper, the judges commented on how well the designers followed their publication’s style in illustrations. They said that it is a tough topic to illustrate and could have been overdone, but instead the designer kept it clean and clear.

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