Portfolio advice from SSND judges

Hear comments from the judges about creating a strong porfolio.

2 responses to “Portfolio advice from SSND judges

  1. On my blog, I have posted some of the work I did in my graphic applications and desktop publishing classes. I am really not sure how to make a portfolio that includes my graphic designs as well as some pieces that I have written. I am a journalism major and I want to write as well as do graphic imaging. How do I create a portfolio that has both sides in it?

    • How? With lots of creativity. Look for design inspiration on websites like Behance (http://behance.net), FFFFound (http://ffffound.com) & Flickr (http://flickr.com). Find designs that you like and study them, observe what it is about the design that makes it stand out to you. Sketch ideas in your sketchbook that you can come back to when you need inspiration.

      Once you have found inspiration, let your own creativity take over; find your own style and use it to make your work stand out from the rest.

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