Digital Entries

B1 Overall news website

1st-University Times


b2 Mini-site/Special Section

1st-The Daily Orange, Family Life

2nd- Columbia Missourian, Battle Rising

Of the two entries, the judges decided the Family.Life mini-site is strong. “Simple but elegant,” Joe and Luis said. Luis did comment on the basic grid on the site and felt took away from the site. Family.Life has all serifs and italics which is harder to read online and on mobile.

All judges agreed that Battle Rising by the Columbia Missourian was beautiful and really enjoyed the videos on the site. Overall, the ability to access more content on the Family.Life site made the difference in the judges decision.

B3 Interactive or animated Infographic

1st- University of Carolina

B4/5 Video/Multimedia project

1st. University of Missouri “More than a Movement”
2nd.University of Missouri “Missouri Elk Herd”
3rd. F News “What the F are you doing”
This section took the judges into a conversation on the value of video and GIFs. They wanted to note that for this session it was very hard to decide because of the very distinct differences of the two.  Based on content Luis really appreciated the addition of a GIF and thought it contributed to the content while also bringing readers in.
All the judges views the More than a Movement video as a strong piece of journalism. The student had to cover a live, passion filled moment then take that footage and translate it for readers or viewers.
Note: SSND will be adding a section for GIFs in the future.

B6 News on a mobile device or iPad

Honorable mention University of North Carolina Chapel Hill “Twang”

B7 Redesign of a News website

1st-University Times








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